About Us:

Environmentally friendly lawn mowing and cleaning services.

Devicentrix is a social enterprise environmental and cleaning services for the elderly, disabled and people experiencing tough work schedules. At Devicentrix, we specialize in effective and excellent customer service, while providing a cost-effective solution to our clients. We are very proactive and willing to filling the gap for people who don’t yet have the aged care package and in difficult economic situations.


We keep your lawn fresh and healthy. We also provide non-toxic and chemical free house cleaning, too. We believe client satisfaction matters; we take pride in our work and the competence of our team. Our trustworthiness, knowledge, quality service, ethos extends to our community and high “Social Benefits” are what separate us from our competitors.

Safe, quality and affordable lawn maintenance and cleaning services at reasonable rates you can trust. Our services are backed by guarantee satisfaction and exceptional client support. 

Our Theory of Change


By contributing to a clean, green and sustainable environment, we believe that we can create opportunities for young people to substantially grow economomically and socially, and lift themselves out of rising inequality and poverty. 


Our Purpose

Devicentrix exists to break down barriers between people of different cultural backgrounds and different generations. We do this by training young people from multicultural backgrounds including refugees and asylum seekers so that they can offer volunteer support to elderly people who need help maintaining their yards. We offer affordable prices for lawn maintenance for all irrespective of social and economic status.

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